Spoon Straw

Spoon Straw

Spoon Straw

Length: 21cm

Diameter: 7mm

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Spoon Straw Details

Product name:SPOON STRAW, Custom disposable color 210mm spoon straw for smoothie

Product detail: Designed for large drinks and desserts, this super jumbo sized, Spoon straw is an ideal addition to your ice cream shop, convenience store, or concession stand! Boasting an attractive, bright color and multi-use design, this is exactly what your drinkable desserts need!This straw's open-ended design doubles as a spoon and is great for serving thick milkshakes, slushies, smoothies, and snow cones. Plus, with an eye-catching, bold color, it will create the perfect contrast against your sweet treats.These are great for our blended drinks. Plus they come in cute bright colors. They really add a brightness to our beverages. They are a great product at a great price.

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