S-170 Knife

S-170 Knife

S-170 Knife

Diameter: 170mm

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S-170 Knife Details

Product name:S-170 disposable knife, Disposable plastic knife, western style table knife, cake knife, dessert knife PS material

Product performance:S-170 disposable knife, made of food grade PP material, is light and wear-resistant, strong and durable, with smooth edge and no burr. It is suitable for cutting pizza, cake, steak and other food. It is a disposable product, clean, sanitary, light weight, suitable for carrying out, convenient and practical.It is made of food grade PS material by injection molding. It has a smooth appearance and good reflection. There is no lack of material on the edge. It has a good feel. It has a strong heat resistance. It has a streamlined design concept and a humanized body. It has a good feel when holding it. All sizes meet the international commonly used spoon standards.

Product Description: Length: 17cm Material: PS
Cutlery knife, convenient for environmental protection, high quality and low price, gives customers a variety of choices, customers can also choose their own design or favorite model, our company will give customers the most satisfactory service, and will also provide high-quality personal service. Welcome customers to order, but also thank you for your support!

Company main business:Our main products are disposable plastic knives, forks and spoons, cutlery sets for fast food restaurants, chain stores, plastic forks for instant noodles, ice cream spoons for ice cream factories, as well as various plastic containers and buckets for household use.



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