Sealed Large Kraft Paper Box

Sealed Large Kraft Paper Box

Sealed Large Kraft Paper Box


Width: 162mm

Height: 52mm

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Sealed Large Kraft Paper Box Details

The performance of food grade kraft paper is very superior, which not only has the advantages of moisture-proof and water-proof, oil-proof, low-temperature freezing resistance, delayed insurance period, etc. Compared with plastic, glass and other packaging materials, under the same barrier effect, its cost is 10 to 20% lower.

Kraft paper boxes come in either white or kraft colored paper, and are made with recycled materials. They come in multiple different styles and sizes, ranging from perforated candy apple boxes to cylindrical tubes for storing goods and treats of all shapes or sizes. Inserts are designed to fit perfectly in some of the boxes for assistance in keeping things like cupcakes and frosted desserts from running into the sides of your package, keeping them untouched and looking just the way you want them to. Kraft paper boxes are sold at wholesale prices and are offered in bulk orders.


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