Square Preservation Box E-1005

Square Preservation Box E-1005

Square Preservation Box E-1005

Name: Square Preservation Box

Capcaity: 34oz/1005ml

QTY: 500pcs

Size: 145x145x90mm

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Square Preservation Box E-1005 Details

Color: the bowl is transparent, and the cover color can be blue, pink, etc
The product has high transparency, novel design and beautiful appearance.
It has good sealing performance and is more secure to store things.
Microwave and freezing
This kind of fresh-keeping box is cheap, can be used for hotel packing, can be refrigerated, can be microwave. It can not only be used once, but also be reused, convenient and affordable!

Product features:
1: Materials: the fresh-keeping box is made of non-toxic, tasteless and high-quality polypropylene PP material, which has no pollution to food;
2 temperature tolerance: - 20-120 ℃;
Application: suitable for storing all kinds of seasonings, leftovers, dried fruits, fruits, fish and shrimp, eggs and meat, preventing smoke and peculiar smell;
4 Performance: good sealing and leakproof liquid.
5 features: unique design, practical and convenient cleaning three advantages in one with superior quality, beauty and convenience compared with similar products, easy to carry. It can also be used for other purposes. It can be stacked neatly one by one. When not in use, the small box can be put into the large box for safekeeping, which can save space.
The box body flexibility, product surface transparency and wear resistance are high, in line with international safety and health standards! Square fresh-keeping box according to family personal storage habits, scientific design of product size. It is suitable for storage of dry goods, perishable food, canned food, moisture-proof, mildew proof and mothproof. It is also suitable for storage of fruits, vegetables, hardware, stationery and other items. It can be used for refrigerators, freezers, microwave ovens, dishwashers and other items requiring high sealing. Excellent sealing performance, can prevent the cabinet and refrigerator from odor and odor. High grade, elegant and fashionable appearance design of four transparent windows, visible memory items, solid, beautiful, fashionable and durable.


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