Large Kraft Paper Bowl

Large Kraft Paper Bowl

Large Kraft Paper Bowl

Top Diameter: 216mm

Bottom Diameter: 162mm

Height: 52mm

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Large Kraft Paper Bowl Details

Product Name:Large Kraft Paper Bowl

Detailed: KRAFT PAPER BOWL with LID. FOOD GRADE - PE Coated containers that offer protection against grease and oily foods. Ideal for takeout - carryout for food trucks, fast food, salad bars, hotels or deli-style food. These food grade containers can hold hot, cold, frozen, liquid items: soup, chili, rice bowls, salads, vegetables, stew, curries, or hot cereals.


Disposable, recyclable, biodegradable
Carryout, Takeout
Moisture Oil Resistant, PE-Coated for durability
Safe for hot, cold, freezer safe
Lids fit securely!


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