Disposable food beverage bag

Disposable food beverage bag

Disposable food beverage bag

Our main products: PE plastic shopping bags of various specifications, supermarket roll bags, food bags, self sealing bags, composite bags, OPP, BOPP plastic bags, point break garbage bags, paper plastic bags, non-woven environmental bags, and disposable products processing and sales. Warmly welcome new and old customers to visit us, we are willing to sincerely cooperate with each customer

Suitable for all kinds of scenes, such as take out packing, supermarket, night market stall, food packing, etc


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Disposable food beverage bag Details

Product name:Fast food takeout bag vest hand-held thickened disposable food fruit food and beverage bag, Disposable pizza bag take out bag plastic bag baking bag handbag spot wholesale customization

Direct sales from manufacturers

Dimension description: length * width * side width
Length the total length of the bag (including the total length of the handle)
Width = bag width
Side width = bag hem width * 2
Special suggestion: you can accurately hold the size before ordering
A little bigger, never smaller, or buy
The bags are not easy to use.

The common unit of bag thickness is "silk"
1 wire = 0.01 mm
The thickness of conventional shopping bags in supermarkets is double layers of 5 wires
The thickness can be accurately measured using a dry ruler with a resolution of 0.001MM
The greater the silkiness, the thicker the bag, the smaller the silkiness, the thinner the bag


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