White Hot Paper Cup Travel Lid

White Hot Paper Cup Travel Lid

White Hot Paper Cup Travel Lid

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White Hot Paper Cup Travel Lid Details

Product name: White Hot Paper Cup Travel Lid

From hot chocolate and coffee to tea and warm cider, this lid is perfect for all of the to-go beverage offerings in your convenience store, concession stand, snack shack, take-out operation, or other establishment!

Make our espresso cups the thing to get. Solid plastic and easy to drink out of hole. Definitely a sight when you see the cup with the lid on.

Convenient, Comfortable Use
The sipping hole accepts stirrers and straws for customer convenience, while the cut-out design allows for comfortable, easy use. Additionally, a tiny hole near the back of the lid helps improve air flow for a smoother sip, helping your customers enjoy their beverages.

White Color
The lid's versatile white color looks great with its compatible cups, providing a sleek look for any setting.

About this product
Prevent drinks from leaking and dribbling around the edges with this case of white cappuccino-style dome lids.
Contain liquids while driving, walking around the office, and performing other various activities with these traveler lids. An interior ring helps prevent pop-off incidents, avoiding spills, so you don't damage your vehicle, desk, or other surface. These Traveler lids feature a dome-shaped design, allowing plenty of room for whipped cream and froth.

Take your drink to-go with these cappuccino-style lids for hot cups
Made of white polystyrene


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