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Why advertising paper cup is advocated

Update:09 Nov 2019

Advertising environment is good - paper cup is widely u […]

Advertising environment is good - paper cup is widely used in catering, tourism, leisure and other service industries, and has been fully dissolved in people's daily life. With the increasing quality of life
The consumption of paper cups is increasing year by year from high to all levels of organizations to thousands of households. Taking paper cup as the advertising carrier, the visual distance of nearly zero distance will leave a deep impression on people
Low degree of advertising interference - due to the limited size of the paper cup, its advertising is different from the traditional way of advertising media and can avoid the interference of many other advertisements. And elevator building Yuguang
In the same way, the audience will actively accept the advertising information when using the media products. In addition, the paper cup advertisement has novel form, personalized design and special visual impact, which makes the audience accept the advertisement letter
The rest is more focused.
Large coverage - paper cups have a complete distribution network, which can be directly delivered to large hotels, Chinese and Western restaurants, high-end foot bath leisure clubs, beauty salons and other catering and entertainment service enterprises
Industry, real estate sales department, automobile 4S shop, etc. And enter the major commercial supermarkets for sales, directly facing the masses of consumers, publicity and corporate image publicity for customers and products
Transmission provides assurance.
With a high effective arrival rate, advertising is an ideal platform for brand building, image building and sales promotion. Higher media penetration - directly facing the end-user individual one-to-one communication and communication,
It can effectively avoid the problems of low arrival rate, efficiency and user selection rate existing in traditional media, and also can effectively quantify the monitoring data released by relevant media.
It is suitable for brand image promotion in it communication, automobile, home appliance, decorative building materials, education and training, health, website, catering and entertainment, finance, tourism and real estate industries
This is an era of advocating corporate culture and focusing on corporate image. Paper cup is a new media for product promotion, brand promotion and image promotion of enterprises and institutions. We firmly believe in a small paper
Cup can bring unexpected advertising effect to your enterprise, and can also be used as a small gift to customers
At the same cost, paper cups can build a more complete enterprise identification system and create more diverse values. According to statistics, paper cups alone can make your business grow
More than 5% of them are no longer just for tea and coffee making. Only with their own paper cups can you really strengthen your image.
Superior quality paper cup adopts imported food grade pure wood pulp PE coated paper. Heat resistant and firm, cold and hot dual-use, can best show your adherence to quality, and can win praise and trust from customers.
Today, with the increasing importance of personal hygiene and environmental protection, only disposable toilet paper cups can be used to avoid the threat of disease infection and environmental pollution
Cup, take care of nature, protect your customers, and protect your good reputation.