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What's your suggestion for opening a milk tea shop?

Update:03 Jun 2020

Let's take the location problem as an example. There ar […]

Let's take the location problem as an example. There are several types of milk tea shops that have no accidents. The analysis of business circles and customers is expected to help you. You can take the right ones you see.

There are two kinds of milk tea shops, one is the shopping mall (commonly known as the shop in the shop), the other is the street store, the shopping mall is divided into a large business center or shopping mall Heart and large supermarkets are places with large passenger flow. They gather shopping and shopping customers with consumption ability. They are generally young groups and fashion seeking groups. They go out with money. In this kind of business circle, people flow line is the key. Look at people How to move the flow? If you want to open your milk tea shop in a suitable supermarket, it's usually the place for the surrounding residents to go off work or shopping on weekends and holidays. It's the place to gather the surrounding residents. Compared with the shopping mall, people are not the surrounding residents. However, people mainly go shopping for daily necessities. Comparatively speaking, the rich people drive to the shopping malls for consumption. The people who come here are all the surrounding residents. The pictures are convenient and they come on foot. The main body is to buy daily necessities, leisure use, relatively less, and the elderly will be more. For the consumer group, the consumer spending will be rational and pay more attention to cost performance. Buy products that fit their spending budgets. In this kind of business district, the flow of people will be obvious. The supermarkets are all planned. It's basically one line. It's better to open a shop at the entrance, drink milk tea while strolling.

Street stores include community stores, commercial streets, office areas, campus stores, transportation hub stores, tourist attractions stores, and community stores: it means that there are only communities around, there is no relatively centralized business center, and the flow of people is OK, but there are not many. This kind of shop should be opened carefully. Relatively speaking, the community store is a relatively closed business district, slightly with mobile customers. This kind of shop is for the surrounding residents. For the community shop, it is generally necessary to choose the milk tea shop with better price, which can be accepted by the residents.

Commercial Street: there are all kinds of shops, clothing, catering, shopping and other small shops are relatively concentrated, which is equivalent to shopping malls, but the distribution of shops becomes the length distribution, and the customer consumption group is relatively high. This kind of business district belongs to the open type, which can radiate a wide customer base. The radiation range of the business street will be high. In the business street, you can choose a slightly higher franchise store of milk tea brand

Office area: it's surrounded by white-collar workers. The group is relatively single and the income is relatively high

Campus store: it refers to the stores around the campus. There is a lot of traffic around the campus. In the University, there is a large flow of college students, and the consumer group is also young people, just in line with the age group of milk tea consumption. There are also regular campus, the class time will be relatively idle, the class time will be relatively busy, and the consumption will be concentrated at several time points, so you can have enough rest time.

Transportation hub stores: subway, bus station and other stores, very open business district, are all transit people here. There are many people in this kind of business district. At this time, it is convenient to open a drink shop in the transportation hub. It is necessary for the decision-maker to make an analysis to change the flow of people into the flow of passengers
Tourist attraction shop: it's an open business district, all tourists come here.
Opening milk tea shops around the school is easier to cultivate their customers than opening milk tea shops in other places, because as long as the operators are in harmony with the students, the students will take the initiative to publicize the milk tea shops, and often will pull students to the store to drink milk tea.