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What should be paid attention to in cup customization?

Update:19 Oct 2019

The earth uses about 800 billion coffee cups (paper cup […]

The earth uses about 800 billion coffee cups (paper cups) a year, and the United States alone uses about 120 billion. In China, more than 20 billion instant noodle cups are used in one year. If
It must be astronomical to make an exact statistics on the usage of disposable paper cups and face cups.
Paper cup customization
Paper cups printed with corporate logo can be seen everywhere in today's corporate daily services, and are used by enterprises for daily reception, exhibitions, etc., which can help in the concept of economy.
To help enterprises achieve the purpose of self publicity, this kind of publicity is undoubtedly necessary for enterprises.
Here are a few common sense questions about paper cup printing to share with you.
First: choose the right printing method for paper cup printing
Now there are three printing methods of disposable paper cup, namely offset printing, silk screen printing and flexographic printing. Offset printing can't be used for drinking water. Although it can be used for publicity, it's a waste.
It's quite good, but it's deficient in pattern processing. Flexographic printing will be better. Flexographic printing belongs to green printing. This kind of printing has very good publicity effect, simple production and cost.
Low, so it is the most commonly used printing method now.
Second: special attention should be paid to the selection of printing color of paper cup
The disposable paper cup itself has a certain color, so we should pay attention to the color when designing. The paper cup printing generally has four colors, and these four colors should avoid purple and dark blue.
As well as orange and coffee, these four colors are prone to deviation, which will make the design a mess, so pay special attention.
Third: the paper cup printing design should not be too full, there should be a certain space
Too full paper cups can make people feel very confused, especially in summer, when they are in a moody mood, if you see such paper cups, they won't have a good feeling, instead, they make the propaganda work in the opposite direction.
Function. So in the design of disposable paper cup, some publicity is left, and there is a certain space and angle for watching, so as to make the publicity effect better and more attractive.
Fourth: careful typesetting of paper cup printing
The layout of disposable paper cup advertising design should be handled carefully. If necessary, the text can be transformed into the outline style, which is not only good-looking but also plays a promotional role. Although paper cups are cheap, such as
If there is any error, it is a waste.