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What on earth is an environmentally friendly convenience bag

Update:15 Jun 2019

The environmental protection convenience bags must meet […]

The environmental protection convenience bags must meet the standards issued by the state, which means that the environmental protection convenience bags must add degradable ingredients in the production, and decompose automatically under appropriate conditions within three months after being discarded.
Environmental requirements for decomposition: sunlight and humidity. It can be quickly decomposed in a humid environment with sunlight and no toxic substances. More and more attention has been paid to environmental problems. It is imperative to praise the use of environmentally friendly plastic bags. In some supermarkets, consumers are provided with more expensive self-paid environmental protection bags. They have exclusive custom-made plastic bag manufacturers. Taking Hong Kong as an example, since the promotion of environmental protection bags last year, supermarkets need one yuan to provide customers with environmental protection convenience bags. Although the price is very expensive, the promotion of this policy in Hong Kong has hardly any resistance due to the high enthusiasm of the public for environmental protection.
So what on earth is an environmentally friendly convenience bag? In people's daily concept, as long as it can be degraded, it can be called an environmental friendly convenient bag. In fact, according to custom-made plastic bag manufacturers have a more explanatory view of environmental protection bags: from the current situation, environmental protection bags are not completely degradable, and there are certain drawbacks. For example, the use of food crops as additives can make the composition of shopping bags less stable and become debris within three months, but these debris if buried deep underground. It can't be recycled. In addition, most of the environmental friendly convenience bags produced in the customized plastic bag industry can be decomposed within one year, and the faster can be decomposed after more than 70 days.
Environmental bags are not disposable. The environmental protection convenient bag can be recycled twice, and the purpose of recycling can be achieved by recycling twice.
Generally speaking, the cost of environmental protection convenience bags is not high, and the environmental protection effect is better than people think. These are the protection of our micro-environment, which is good for the environment.