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What materials are commonly used in disposable packing boxes

Update:05 Aug 2019

The disposable lunch boxes are mainly made of foam plas […]

The disposable lunch boxes are mainly made of foam plastics. The main varieties are three kinds of PU: soft and rigid foam, polystyrene (PS) foam and polyethylene (PE) foam. However, there are harmful human isocyanate residues in polyurethane foam refoaming, and foam materials can not be recycled. Polystyrene (PS) foaming process usually uses chlorofluorocarbons or butane, which has adverse effects on the environment. It is difficult to degrade and easy to form "white pollution".
In order to reduce the damage of foam plastic lunch boxes to the environment and human body, polypropylene resin (PP) lunch boxes are commonly used in environmental protection lunch boxes, which have the advantages of non-toxicity, odorless, high thermal deformation temperature, good low temperature characteristics, size and shape restoring stability, light weight and so on.