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What kind of disposable paper cup is better to open a coffee shop and a milk tea shop?

Update:08 Jun 2020

There are many kinds of paper cups, but we usually use […]

There are many kinds of paper cups, but we usually use the following paper cups, which are suitable for consumers and many coffee shops.
The paper cup is mainly divided into cold cup and hot cup. The hot cup is roughly divided into hollow cup, corrugated cup, double-layer cup, etc. the following small edition is for the purpose of various paper cups under popular science.
In milk tea coffee shop, we can see all kinds of paper cups, among which Starbucks coffee shop's paper cups are innovative. In addition to these special paper cups, we mainly use the following paper cups in our life:

1、 Single cup
The single-layer paper cup is one of the paper cups. Its main material is a layer of paper. The characteristics of the single-layer paper cup are that the layer inside the cup has smooth p-film or edible wax.
Single layer cups are generally used to hold drinking water, mainly cold cups. Special paper cups coated with wax can never be used to hold hot water, because wax dissolves at 70 degrees, which is harmful to people's health. PE coated paper cups are also harmful if the temperature is too high.
2、 Double cup
As the name implies, double-layer paper cup means that the paper cup is double-layer and has two layers. The quality of double-layer paper cup is better than that of single-layer paper cup.
The use time of double-layer paper cup is longer than that of single-layer paper cup. It can also be used to hold hot drinks, such as hot coffee
3、 Hollow cup
Hollow cup is one of disposable paper cups. It is hollow inside and has the function of heat insulation, that is, double-layer, but it is not like double-layer cup, but there is a gap between the two layers, so it is called hollow cup. The quality of hollow cup is much higher than ordinary paper cup. The service life of hollow cup is far longer than that of ordinary paper cup or single-layer paper cup.
Hollow cup is also widely used, which belongs to high-grade paper cup. It is generally used in milk tea shop, soybean milk shop, cold drink shop, fast food shop, coffee shop, dessert house, restaurant and hotel.
4、 Corrugated cup
Corrugated cup is a kind of high-grade disposable paper container used in daily drinking. It is in the shape of mouth cup, and the outer layer is arranged in order with corrugated paper cup wall. It has very strong heat insulation effect. It is a new type of paper cup further improved on the basis of disposable paper cup.
The corrugated cup is usually composed of coated paper cup paper and corrugated paper. The common coated paper in the corrugated cup is divided into double coated paper and single coated paper, and the thickness of the commonly used coated paper is 218g to 300g. The thickness of corrugating paper used for corrugating cup varies from 280g to 340g.

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