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What is the right way to drink coffee in paper cups?

Update:03 Jan 2020

1、 The mouth opened by the small groove is to drink cof […]

1、 The mouth opened by the small groove is to drink coffee and other hot drinks, to prevent scalding the mouth with a straw, and when drinking, do not bother to open the cover of the paper cup for a sip, generally.
2、 A small opening can be torn on the top of the cover, and then put into the mixing bar. This small opening can drink coffee directly. It's very convenient to cover, and it won't spill out. It doesn't matter if you walk with it.

1. The material is thick and not hot, the coffee in paper cup will save our time cost to some extent, but it often brings us big trouble in actual use. The high temperature of 100 ℃ is transmitted through the thin paper cup, which is beyond the skin's bearing capacity. A good accompanying cup material must be thick, able to withstand high temperature and prevent scalding.

2. Strong sealing, mellow coffee spreads in the air with hot air, wake up tired in the morning, but the paper cup without good sealing will not only accelerate the evaporation of aroma, but also make coffee cool quickly, affecting the taste of coffee. The accompanying cup with strong sealing will tightly lock the aroma of coffee, maintain the taste of coffee, and make every drink enjoyable.

3. It's easy to carry and use as you drink. Although the paper cup coffee sold can be carried out, for office workers, the necessary course every day is to squeeze the subway. In the face of the crowded subway, you can't maintain the balance and hold a cup of hot paper coffee. Sprinkling is normal, and it's very inconvenient to go out after security check.

4. It's easy to clean. When your beloved cup is soaked with coffee, you will inevitably feel a little hurt. At this time, cleaning becomes a troublesome and huge project. The shape, height, width and corner of the cup will increase the difficulty of cleaning the cup. A good accompanying cup must have the point is "easy to clean.".

5. The price is reasonable, and we are happy with the annual turnover of flowers, but the jaw dropping price is really beyond our reach. A reasonable price is just what we need to choose the accompanying cup. We spend our money on the blade to buy the cup we like.