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What is the list of disposable items in the restaurant

Update:26 May 2020

All kinds of restaurants and restaurants are one of the […]

All kinds of restaurants and restaurants are one of the places that use the most disposable products. In order to facilitate customers' cleaning after meals and save manpower, all kinds of disposable tableware are the priority of restaurants. People will use disposable chopsticks, disposable boxes, disposable straws and other disposable products for daily takeout, packaged meals and even classroom food. The following is a list of all kinds of disposable restaurant supplies and their use precautions.

one-off chopsticks
Disposable chopsticks are an important tool in the catering industry. Disposable chopsticks that can be discarded after use are convenient for restaurants and diners to eat, and do not need to spend too much manpower to clean. The large use of disposable chopsticks is a large reduction of forest resources. We can use disposable bamboo chopsticks, which are economical, environmental friendly and renewable. When purchasing disposable chopsticks, pay attention to the material and quality of chopsticks. Some poor disposable chopsticks will affect health.

Disposable lunch box
It's a good way not to waste food. When people eat out in restaurants, it's inevitable that they can't finish eating. To avoid waste, restaurants can use disposable lunch boxes to pack away for customers. Disposable snack boxes have changed from foam lunch boxes to green lunch boxes, including plastic lunch boxes, paper lunch boxes, wooden lunch boxes, degrading lunch boxes and so on. Environmental protection, renewable has become a new standard of disposable lunch box.

Disposable tablecloth
Some restaurants use disposable tablecloths to prevent contamination of tables. The disposable tablecloth is not only antifouling for the table, but also very convenient to clean up the leftovers after meals. As long as it is packed up, it can be discarded directly, so many restaurants on the market will use it. The disposable tablecloth now takes convenience into account as well as aesthetics, and improves the quality of life while facilitating everyone's life. Excessive use of disposable tablecloth is not conducive to environmental protection, we should control.

Drink pipette
Drinking fruit juice drinks or pearl milk tea and other drinks will definitely use straws, which are generally made of plastic materials. In order to attract customers with beauty, the straws are made in various shapes and colors. We should also pay attention to the selection of straw materials. It is necessary for every conscientious businessman to purchase non-toxic and harmless high-quality drink straw products. Take care not to drink overheated drinks with straws as much as possible to avoid dissolving toxic substances and scalding the mouth.

If you have enough to eat, you have to wipe your mouth. Napkins are provided by every restaurant. High quality napkins can enhance customers' dining experience and leave a good impression on the restaurant. The raw materials, hygiene and quality of the napkin must comply with the relevant regulations. The inferior napkins are rough, desquamated, bacteria exceed the standard and may contain harmful substances.