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we should make the best use of the packaging

Update:14 Oct 2020

With the improvement of living standards, people's requ […]

With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for food are no longer satisfied with satiety, but turn to the demand for taste and quality. Fast food, also known as snacks, has changed from children's exclusive products in the past to products with full age attributes, and the varieties are becoming more and more diverse.
From meat floss cake to milk flavor steamed cake, it is only half a year before and after, the market demand is large, and the taste of consumers changes quickly, which is the market factor that leads to the rapid renewal and iteration of fast food. Fundamentally speaking, it is because of the low production cost and simple production process of single type fast-moving food, which results in a large number of food enterprises producing the same product at the same time. The market competition is big and the profit margin is small. In order to seek more profits, food enterprises develop new varieties and put them into the market.
In the face of the ever-changing market hot spots, many small and medium-sized enterprises often feel unable to meet their expectations. The human and material investment in new product research and development is immeasurable, and they can only follow the big enterprises blindly. In the case of being outwitted by other enterprises, it seems that there is no other choice but to play the low price card. In the long run, the survival prospects of enterprises are worrying, but there is no way to turn the situation around except to watch themselves in deep trouble? The answer is No. there is certainly a way, that is, food packaging design.
If we want to make the products can catch up with others later, we should make the best use of the packaging. In the face of serious homogenization products on the market, consumers have become numb, the taste is the same, and the outer packaging is almost the same, which is basically copied from the earliest product packaging. Many consumers do not consider the difference between brands in the purchase process, but choose the most eye-catching one or several products. In this case, a good food packaging design is particularly important.
It is the most simple and direct choice to choose a more eye-catching color in the packaging color. However, an excellent FMCG food packaging design is not only a simple change of the background color, but also pays more attention to mining the new selling points of the product, making the product radiate new vitality and stimulating the consumer's purchase desire again. In the packaging details, the article focuses on the new market characteristics, breaking the traditional impression of products in the minds of consumers, shifting consumers' attention to products, so as to make consumers have expectations for products, and then purchase and eat.
If you are a small and medium-sized food enterprise owner, if your market has been preempted, please consider making your food packaging unique and eye-catching. Only when the packaging design takes the lead, can the products be preemptive.