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Understand the advantages and application scope of corrugated paper cup

Update:26 Oct 2019

Corrugated paper cup is the emergence of new technology […]

Corrugated paper cup is the emergence of new technology and new technology, which makes the manufacturing technology of paper cup improve continuously. New paper cup will appear and play a greater role in promoting and promoting the variety of products. Distinguish
Cold drink cup and hot drink Shenzhen milk tea cup, they "perform their duties", once "dislocation", will threaten the health of consumers. The surface of the cold drink paper cup shall be treated by spraying wax or soaking wax. because
For cold drinks will make water on the surface of the paper cup, resulting in softening of the paper cup, which can be waterproof after being coated with wax. This kind of wax is very stable and safe at 0 ~ 5 ℃.
Some enterprises have such a misconception: the larger the weight of the paper in it, the more it can increase the heat insulation effect and compressive strength of the corrugated cup, but it is not. To enhance the heat insulation effect of the corrugated cup
The strength and compressive strength must enhance the heat insulation ability of the outer cup body. As long as the surface paper does not show any signs of corrugation after mounting, the lower weight paper can be used as far as possible; the core paper and tile paper are best used with good stiffness and ring pressure.
High strength straw or wood pulp paper. Do not use medium strong or ordinary strong tile paper, because it is mostly a mixture of raw pulp and recycled pulp, with fast water absorption, low ring pressure strength, good toughness but low stiffness.
But if it is used to hold hot drinks, as long as the temperature of the drink exceeds 62 ℃, the wax will melt the paper cup, which will absorb water and deform. The content of paraffin impurities after melting is high, especially the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons contained in it.
Organic compounds, which may cause cancer, will harm human health when they enter the human body with drinks. A layer of special polyethylene film approved by the state will be pasted on the surface of the hot drink paper cup, which is not only heat-resistant
Well, it's not toxic when soaked in hot drinks.