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Tips for choosing disposable lunch box

Update:06 Jul 2020

Tips for choosing lunch boxes PP plastic lunch box: Non […]

Tips for choosing lunch boxes
PP plastic lunch box:
Non toxic, tasteless, low density, strength, stiffness, hardness and heat resistance are better than low pressure polyethylene, can be used at about 100 ℃. One look, two touch and three smell methods can be used to identify disposable plastic lunch boxes. First of all, we should see whether there is manufacturer information, product model, QS identification and number on the lunch box. Secondly, it is necessary to see whether the surface of the dining box is smooth and clean, and whether there are impurities or black spots. Bright colored lunch boxes may have used waste plastic. Generally, the strength of the lunch boxes made of waste plastics or adding a lot of industrial grade calcium carbonate and talc powder is very poor. Generally, there will be no peculiar smell in qualified lunch boxes.
Pulp lunch box:
The stiffness should be guaranteed and the printing surface should be avoided on the food contact surface. Good pulp lunch boxes are hard and resilient, and those of poor quality tend to soften after being pinched, and have no rebound performance. Some paper bowls look thick, with food grade base paper on the surface, but recycled paper and box board paper are used in the middle layer. It is suggested to tear them to see if the broken surface is yellow or contains more impurities. If the paper product color is too white or contains impurities, it is not recommended to use. Don't use the hot water when you pour it into the lunch box. At present, the state has implemented the management of production license for some paper products. The QS mark and number should be marked on the product or package and instruction manual. The product use method, precautions, use, use environment, use temperature and other contents should be indicated on the product operation manual or label.

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