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The milk tea shop chooses the cup to be able to make the turnover double unexpectedly!

Update:12 May 2020

What is the most indispensable item in the milk tea sho […]

What is the most indispensable item in the milk tea shop? It's the cup, of course. Whether the shop is operated online or sold offline, it needs cups. What should milk tea shop pay attention to when choosing cup?

1. Appearance
Everyone likes beautiful things, and only beautiful and novel things can better attract the attention of consumers, so that consumers have the desire to buy. So it is very important to choose the attractive cup with beautiful appearance to improve the performance of milk tea shop.

2. Reasonable color matching
In addition to the shape of the cup, the milk tea shop also needs to pay attention to the color matching in the cup pattern. Reasonable color matching can impact the vision of consumers and promote consumer consumption.

3. Suitable for customers
In order to better carry out product innovation, generally speaking, milk tea shops will develop a variety of fruit tea. But if the cup mouth is too small for consumers to drink, then how to attract consumers and promote the development of stores. Therefore, when choosing cups, milk tea shops need to consider whether they are suitable for consumers to drink.

4. The cup material should be suitable for the positioning of milk tea shop
Milk tea shop cups are usually made of PP and pet. PP cup has a good handle and can bear a certain temperature; pet cup is often used in high-end places, and the overall material is slightly higher than PP cup in hardness, thickness and texture, relatively speaking, the cost is also higher, of course, the average price of drinks in high-end drink shops is also higher.

5. Reasonable division of cup models
The milk tea shop cup is divided into ml, l, m and s according to the model. The ML cup is basically more than 700ml; the L cup is generally 500-600ml; the M cup is 400-450ml, and the small cup is rarely used now. The size of the cup can be selected according to the Xueke cup, which is generally 500-700ml capacity.

In a word, when choosing the cup, the milk tea shop should consider the demands of consumers more, so as to ensure the convenience of consumers and let everyone recognize your milk tea shop!