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The difference between corn starch tableware and complete degradation tableware

Update:14 Dec 2019

Complete degradation of tableware can degrade tableware […]

Complete degradation of tableware can degrade tableware. The main differences between the tableware and corn starch tableware are as follows:
I. different production principles
1. Corn starch tableware: it is made of corn starch as the main raw material and processed by high-tech production process, which can be degraded by itself under natural conditions.
2. Degradable tableware: the tableware that can take place biochemical reaction under the action of natural environment microorganism (bacteria, mold, algae) enzyme, cause the appearance mildew to the internal quality change, and finally form carbon dioxide and water.

II. Different characteristics
1. Corn starch tableware: it is pollution-free for human body because it is refined from corn starch and other environmental protection materials, and does not contain substances harmful to human body, so it can be safely used for a long time; zero pollution products are buried in the soil, and can degrade to form carbon dioxide and water after 90 days under the appropriate temperature, which will not pollute the soil and air; high quality products have good compactness, water and oil resistance It is impermeable and has good resistance to high temperature and low temperature. It is suitable for refrigerated, refrigerated, fresh food, microwave heating, etc.
2. Degradable tableware: easy to use, degradable; light weight.
III. different main components
1. Corn starch tableware: the main components are carrier resin, corn starch, coupling agent wetting agent phase solvent and other low molecular components.
2. Degradable tableware: it is made of plastic as the main component, starch, photosensitizer and other substances.