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Teach you how to identify material identification

Update:15 Feb 2020

We believe that plastic water cups are not new to every […]

We believe that plastic water cups are not new to everyone. As for the use of plastic cups, there is a lot of controversy. The only contentious content is that the safety of plastic water cups is not enough, and they are not suitable for cleaning. They are not as good as other water cups, such as glasses. In fact, these things can not be generalized. Plastic water cups belong to the same category, and plastic water cups are made of different materials The safety of good material is no worse than that of glass!
I don't know if you have noticed that there will be a triangle bottom mark at the bottom of the water cup during the process of using the plastic water cup. There are 1-7 levels of classification in it. In fact, these marks are very learned! How to choose a plastic water cup depends on the bottom marks!
“01”— PET
“02”— HDPE
“03”— PVC
“04”— LDPE
“05”— PP
“06”— PS
"07" - PC, other
You should remember the above special symbols for identifying materials, which are very useful in life!

Among them, No.5 and No.7 are the most common materials used to make plastic water cups. As we all know, PC plastic water cups can release bisphenol A under high temperature, causing great harm to human health. When people think that PP water cups are relatively safe, PC materials abroad have been banned from children's products by developed countries in Europe and the United States for a long time; in general Said that this material is not as safe as you think! It's not suitable for boiling water!
So in terms of the above, is the plastic water cup really unsafe? No, "05" represents PP, tritan material does not contain bisphenol A and bisphenol s after testing, its safety performance is not worse than glass!
Now many brands of water cups are gradually using this PP material to replace resin and PC, and our disposable water cup is the first to use pure PP material in the water cup and lunch box industry in China, and the safety added by 0 is absolutely few in China!