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So many advantages of using paper cups in milk tea shops

Update:21 Jan 2020

Now we find that more and more milk tea shops are not u […]

Now we find that more and more milk tea shops are not using plastic cups instead of paper cups. Of course, except for cold drinks, what are the advantages of paper cups? Why are they accepted by so many milk tea shops? I'm sure that some tea franchisees are also curious about this?

1. The paper cup has excellent heat insulation performance. In the beginning of milk tea industry, plastic cups were used. At that time, friends who had drunk milk tea should know that plastic cups would be hot or even deformed when they were loaded with hot drinks, so they would be deterred in the face of plastic packaged milk tea until the paper cups completely solved the problem of heat insulation of milk tea packaging materials, which would not affect customers in any season Experience.

2. The paper cup is environmentally friendly. Compared with plastic, paper cups do a lot better in environmental protection. With the rapid development of industry, the problem of environmental pollution becomes more and more prominent and more acute. The former plastic cup has also been replaced by paper cup. The renewal of milk tea packaging materials has made a positive contribution to reducing environmental pollution.
3. The paper cup is relatively safe and hygienic. When the plastic reaches a certain temperature, it will deform. When the temperature of milk tea is high, it will be good to drink. We all know that the plastic will produce toxicity and some harmful substances when exposed to heat. Considering the health problems of consumers, milk tea shops have changed from plastic cups to paper cups.