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Reduce costs and help promote green shopping bags

Update:09 Mar 2019

It is no longer difficult to promote the implementation […]

It is no longer difficult to promote the implementation of green shopping bags. First, we should adopt various forms and ways to increase publicity. Not all citizens will pay special attention to the media. Just like the 73-year-old Yu Fenghua's old woman, after listening to the introduction of the on-site personnel, she was surprised to say: "The original plastic bag is so 'toxic', I don't think it is used every day... Used!" Visible, the usual publicity still has a dead end.
Second, the cost of using "green bags" should be reduced. For the public, the use of "green bags" is free, but for the owners, it increases operating costs. For example, if a household sells one kilogram of green vegetables, the profit may be only one cent. It is almost impossible to calculate the cost with ordinary plastic bags, but if you use a degradable plastic bag, you will almost never make money. Therefore, reducing the cost of use is the key. I thought that it might be useful to print advertisements on "green bags" to offset the cost of use with advertising fees.
Again, incentives for consumption are used to encourage citizens to use “green bags”. It may be stipulated that when you shop again with the “Green Bag”, you can also get many discounts.
Finally, when necessary, mandatory regulations restricting the use of disposable plastic bags should be established, and citizens' environmental awareness should be cultivated in law so as to eliminate white pollution as soon as possible.
Looking for the best alternative to plastic bags, the best alternatives in the market today are polyester bags and nylon bags because they take no natural pollution to the environment, followed by non-woven bags, not because it is environmentally friendly. But because it is good for reuse, it can be recycled and reused, so pay attention to the use and choice of environmentally friendly bags!