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Promotion strategy of opening milk tea shop

Update:14 Jul 2020

1. First of all, the quality of drinks should be strict […]

1. First of all, the quality of drinks should be strictly controlled
Sometimes, many people know that the people in line in some milk tea shops will be nurseries, but they can't help but line up at the back of the line. For people who have never come to your shop to consume, they can only choose the milk tea shop by other consumers like themselves, and then ensure that they have good dining enjoyment. Therefore, many consumers have such a psychology that a milk tea shop with a large number of people in line must not be too bad.
Many restaurants will deliberately slow down when giving away products or checking out the bill, creating a queuing phenomenon; some restaurants specially set up waiting seats, entertainment facilities, melon and fruit snacks for the waiting people, which is also to create a lively atmosphere. It can be seen that consumers generally have the psychology of "more people will not be bad".

2. Help consumers to choose quickly and eliminate the difficulty of choosing
What do you eat in the morning? What do you eat at noon? What do you eat in the evening? Are you familiar with it?
Nowadays, everyone has difficulty in choosing, especially when it comes to "what to drink and what to eat". My experience in opening a milk tea shop tells you that as a milk tea shop, this is a very favorable marketing point. How can we eliminate the difficulty of consumers' choice? It can be summed up in four words - "suggested order list"! Like the suggestive promotion, many consumers will listen to your suggestions.

3. Good weather can also help sales
Psychologists have found that information in the natural environment can also affect our behavior decisions. People's mood is greatly affected by the weather. When the sun is bright and sunny, it is better than the cold wind and haze. As a service industry, tea industry is easier to sell when the weather is good, such as sales promotion and discount. The promotion and discount of stores should be based on the specific situation. Good store activities must be created by the right time, place and people together.

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