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Paper cup development history

Update:19 Nov 2018

Straight wall double cup In order to expand the scope o […]

Straight wall double cup

In order to expand the scope of application of paper cups, in 1940, straight-walled double-layer paper cups were introduced to the market. This paper cup is not only easy to carry, but also can be used to hold hot drinks. Thereafter, the manufacturer applies latex on these cups to cover the "cardboard flavor" of the paper and enhance the leakproofness of the paper cup. Latex coated single-layer waxed cups are widely used in self-service vending machines to hold hot coffee.

Laminated plastic coated paper cup

Some food companies have begun to apply polyethylene to cardboard to increase the barrier and tightness of the paper package. Since the melting point of polyethylene is much higher than that of wax, the new beverage paper cup coated with this material can be ideally used to hold hot beverages, and solves the problem that the quality of the product is affected by the melting of the coating material. At the same time, the polyethylene coating is smoother than the original wax coating, improving the appearance of the paper cup. In addition, its processing technology is also cheaper and faster than the latex coating method.