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Packaged material

Update:13 Dec 2018

Ancient In ancient times, people used bamboo, wood, cer […]

In ancient times, people used bamboo, wood, ceramics, plant stems and leaves, animal skins and internal organs to make packaging containers. China has been brewing and storing food with ceramic utensils for about 4,000 years. The Greeks used barrels to hold wine in more than 1,000 BC. In 750 BC, the Romans used goat stomach bags to hold milk and cheese. Modern food packaging containers are generally considered to be the prelude to modern food packaging due to the advent of cans of glass bottles and cans of tinplate. The main types of modern food packaging containers are paper containers, metal containers, glass containers and plastic containers. Traditional food packaging containers mainly include wooden containers, cloth containers, ceramic utensils and the like.
Packaged food and packaging materials
With the continuous advancement of packaging materials, packaging machinery and packaging technology, a variety of packaged foods appear, such as bottled food, canned food, cooking (bag) food, frozen food, aseptic packaged food. The packaging materials used for representative packaged foods are shown in the table.