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Outer wall coating

Update:12 Jan 2019

Outer wall coating The outer wall coating is generally […]

Outer wall coating

The outer wall coating is generally divided into 5 categories: 1 printed iron primer. Colorless and transparent to enhance the adhesion of tinplate to paint. It is divided into a low temperature primer (such as alkyd type) and a high temperature primer (such as epoxy type). 2 white can Ding. It is a white paint that is covered on the primer to cover the metal to facilitate the next step of ink printing. There are alkyd type, polyester type, acrylic type and the like. 3 cover varnish. The last step of printing the iron outside the can is used to protect the printed pattern and improve the gloss. Low temperature varnish, such as ester glue, epoxy ester, semi-dry oleic acid amino acid, etc.; high temperature varnish, such as coconut oil alkyd amino group, oil-free alkyd amino group, epoxy amino group, acrylate, etc. The color ink used for printing patterns and trademarks belongs to the printing ink. Usually after printing the primer and white diced, according to the pattern color requirements, the score is printed, and finally the varnish is printed. 4 cans of anti-rust paint. It is used for tank bottoms, can lids and can bodies that do not require color printing to prevent rust and enhance aesthetics. There are epoxy ester type, oleoresin type, thermosetting epoxy type and the like. 5 outer wall joint coating.

Used to refill the soldering parts of the can body to avoid rust. Coatings require fast drying, often using solder residual heat curing, epoxy-polyamide type, polyolefin type and so on. Main types Metal containers for food packaging are classified by purpose, mainly food cans and beverage cans. In addition, there are sugar boxes, biscuits, teas, etc. (made of tinplate), aluminum tubes, tin tubes, and the like.