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Introduction to disposable tableware

Update:20 Jul 2020

Disposable is an adjective that means the ability of so […]

Disposable is an adjective that means the ability of something to be disposed of or discarded after use. Disposable tableware
With the rapid development of economy, the improvement of people's living standards and the increase of medical expenses caused by the aging population, the development of new drugs, the acceleration of the reform of medical security system and the expansion of medical insurance for urban residents, the plastic industry will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth.

Disposable products (also known as disposable products) are products designed for single use and then recycled or treated as solid waste. The term usually means cheap and short-term convenience rather than medium to long-term durability.

Many restaurant practitioners will struggle to choose where to buy disposable tableware. There are few such professional platforms. To buy a complete set of supporting tableware, you have to go to a lot of platforms. This kind of thankless work often delays a lot of time, and some sources of goods are unstable.

Our factory's production workshop is clean, hygienic and aseptic. Workers need to wear corresponding protective equipment in production. The qualified tableware is directly sealed and packed, stored in dry and clean warehouse, and sold to restaurants in a timely manner, so as to reduce the storage time in the factory and on the road, reduce the possibility of contamination of lunch boxes, and ensure the hygiene standard of lunch boxes.

"Chaofan" is specialized in providing customized food packaging container services for brand catering enterprises. Its main products are: disposable lunch box, takeout packing box, milk tea cup, environmental protection bowl, lunch box, disposable tableware package, knife, fork and spoon, etc. The products are suitable for star hotels, private clubs, chain catering, baking, supermarkets, schools, railways, aviation and other fields.