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Identification of Plastic Tableware Selection

Update:19 Apr 2019

Credible only if the logo is complete When choosing pla […]

Credible only if the logo is complete
When choosing plastic tableware, the first thing to look at is whether the logo is complete, and the second is the product. The surface of the product should be smooth, without stains, impurities, scratches, cracks, decolorization and fading. You can also smell to see if there are any irritating odors and other odors. The most important thing is to see the product logo. This standard stipulates that the product should be labeled with the manufacturer's name or trademark, material, temperature and other instructions. If the product is not hot water resistant, not suitable for microwave ovens, and can not touch the oil quality, it should also be labeled, "This standard is clear, not labeled as usable."

Use: Short-term heating below 700W is recommended only.
Generally speaking, it is safer to use product labels on the market at 140 C. However, even microwave oven plastic tableware which is qualified according to the standard is recommended to be used under short-term heating conditions of less than 700W, unless the product labels can be used for cooking or other international certifications with higher requirements are obtained, it can be used under stricter conditions.
700W is roughly equivalent to the middle-grade firepower of microwave oven. Generally, there are output power instructions for each firepower in the instructions. Short-term heating refers to 2-3 minutes of heating, which can not be used for cooking cooked food. In the world, the utensils used for short-term heating and cooking are different. There are two kinds of plastic tableware in Europe and the United States, which can be used for cooking, but it is rare in the domestic market.