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Hygienic performance of paper bowl

Update:08 May 2019

The second hygienic performance is the inner wall of th […]

The second hygienic performance is the inner wall of the paper bowl. The reason why the paper bowl can hold water is because the inner wall of the paper bowl is coated with a polyethylene water-repellent film, but if the material selected is not good or the process is not good, the substance may be oxidized to be easily volatile. a carbonyl compound. This substance has a strange smell, and long-term intake of this substance is very harmful, especially in some small factories still using reclaimed polyethylene water-repellent membranes that are forbidden.
The third hygienic property of the paper bowl is its degradability. A person in the industry said that the paper bowl not only caused resource consumption, but also caused a great burden on the environment. And because of the convenience of the paper bowl, some people throw it away after using it, which not only destroys the appearance of the city, but also puts tremendous pressure on the sanitation work. Therefore, we must choose the paper bowl of degradable material when choosing the paper bowl, and should handle it properly after use.