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How to use the fresh box correctly

Update:28 Mar 2020

Rectangular fresh box: suitable for storing bacon and m […]

Rectangular fresh box: suitable for storing bacon and meat. Because of the water plate, it is easy to store food with moisture. Large capacity rectangular fresh box is suitable for preserving fruits, vegetables and seafood.
Square fresh box: excellent sealing performance, suitable for storing food, can prevent the refrigerator from odor, suitable for storing all kinds of seasonings, leftovers, leftover cans, fruits and vegetables. It is convenient for use in refrigerators, freezers and microwave ovens, and can also be used for other purposes.
Round fresh-keeping box: suitable for long-term storage of all kinds of seasonings, canned fruits, grains, nuts, tea and other food, easy to put in the refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven. The oblong design is suitable for storing drinks, children's milk and all kinds of grains, nuts, tea, etc.
High cylinder fresh box: suitable for storing long strip food such as noodles and cucumbers. Because the high dimension of high cylinder fresh box is higher than that of general fresh box, and the mold size and withdrawal requirements are higher in processing technology, there are not many manufacturers that can produce high cylinder fresh box in the market, and the products are relatively few.