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How to Print PVC Handbag

Update:27 Jul 2019

How to print PVC handbags? Nowadays, many of the PVC ha […]

How to print PVC handbags? Nowadays, many of the PVC handbags mainly focus on the outside advertising creativity. They print good copy on the appearance of the PVC handbags according to the characteristics of the products in order to attract customers'desire to buy. We often see creative PVC handbags. So how do manufacturers print them?
Prior to printing, color separation plate making requires white plate, which can be used for background and corresponding color plate. It can be done in the electronic carving system. It can also be planned in the pre-printing planning system, and then carved directly on the electronic carving machine. According to the number of layers of plastic film, PVC handbag can be divided into two categories: single-film and composite-film vacuum bags. The subdivision can be divided into one layer, two layers, three layers, four layers or even 10 layers.
The puncture strength of PVC handbags after puncture. Whether it is to transport or sell packaging, one of the important functions of packaging bags is to maintain food. If most of them were punctured, they would not be able to maintain. So we need to know if our products have sharp and hard substances, puncture can reach what level. Ordinary methods, let packaging manufacturers supply samples, vacuum packaging testing, and then throw, throw, press and other methods, and then see if there is broken bag phenomenon.
If it is printed on a set press, the detailed steps are plate loading, ink scraper, preparation ink adjustment, roll-up, ink test, conditioning and formal printing. The film covering in the color printing plastic bag is carried out on a special film covering machine. The end of making plastic bags is making bags. Practice is bonding. Two layers of film are bonded into three-sided sealed plastic bags and cut into single bags.
PVC handbags are widely used in transportation and sale packaging. So how do we choose PVC handbags after all? Above the packing bag is the key to our recommendation and selection.