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How to operate milk tea shop without being eliminated

Update:15 Nov 2019

Now there are many milk tea shops, but more are elimina […]

Now there are many milk tea shops, but more are eliminated by the milk tea industry. Many newly opened milk tea shops will close at a loss after less than half a year. In order to survive in the milk tea market, we need to learn how to operate, learn from the well managed milk tea shop operation mode, innovate and change. Only by constantly adapting to the times and changing, can we make the milk tea shop stand on the ground.

1. Product upgrading
Products are always the key to determine the survival of milk tea shops. Almost every once in a while, new products will be launched, causing a new fashion trend. If you want milk tea shops to survive, you can either be a leader or a follower. If milk tea shops do not know how to keep pace with the times, it will be difficult to survive.

2. Service upgrade
Service has always been the focus of the catering industry. In order to retain customers and let customers enter more stores for consumption, it is necessary to upgrade the service. For example, in the past two years, Haidilao, which has successfully established its foothold in the catering industry and successfully listed, relies on the service. If you want to develop milk tea shop, you need to constantly upgrade the service. I remember when I bought milk tea, the staff of the milk tea shop directly handed me the drinks and habits, and then I poked them or what kind of them. But now the more regular milk tea shop will ask the customers whether to pack or drink when the products are taken out. After asking the customers' needs, the next step will be carried out. In the past, we thought it would be OK to meet our order needs with a smile, but now, our requirements for service attitude are higher, and milk tea shops need to constantly improve according to people's requirements for service.

3. Experience upgrading
Whether a consumer's consumption experience is good or not will affect the environment, products and services, but the key to the experience is the environment. The current popular style should be simple, fresh, warm or vigorous, but with the change of fashion trend, these popular styles can not be popular all the time. To give consumers a good experience, we need to follow the fashion trend.
Seeing this, we can come to a conclusion that if we want milk tea shops to operate for a long time, we must innovate and change constantly, so as to be able to cope with the changing milk tea market.