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How to open your own cold drink shop in summer?

Update:27 Apr 2020

Cold drink shop, these three words can be said to be th […]

Cold drink shop, these three words can be said to be the favorite of big friends and children who go shopping and play in summer. It's a delicious ice cream in the summer. It's delicious. As the most indispensable snacks in summer, cold drinks are favored by many businesses. In the summer, cold drinks shops are opened in the streets and lanes. How to open a cold drink shop in the coming summer?

First of all, we need to make clear our brand positioning, whether it is a small cold drink wholesale shop on the street or a high-end cold drink shop in downtown business district.
1. Cold drink wholesale shops in residential areas: generally, we can find those cold drink wholesale shops at the gate of the residential area or on some small streets. Their cold drinks can be sold either individually or in bulk. Such a small store is very simple in terms of location and operation. The best way to make money is to find the right franchise and agent brand. Secondly, publicity activities in the surrounding areas should be carried out to attract the attention of nearby residents.
2. Boutique cold drink shops in downtown business district: these cold drink shops are often directly linked with high cost, high quality and high profit. This kind of shop mainly needs its own decoration and product quality. A good cold drink shop in the business circle must have a beautiful decoration. A good store image can often attract many customers. And its service and taste will also become an important indicator of whether it can retain repeat customers.

Secondly, we need to have a clear product positioning, and a star product is an important survival guarantee for every cold drink shop.
1. Product orientation: there are many kinds of cold drinks, some sell ice cream, some sell juice milk tea. If you mix and sell in your own shop, it's not the best policy. Although it can attract more consumers, it's hard to attract customers in brand awareness and loyalty. Specialty is always better than everything. You must choose your own main product type to make cold drinks.
2. Star Products: for the main items of cold drinks, our shop must not be short of its soul products - Star products, which is often referred to as "our shop's characteristics". It can be a pudding ice cream or a glass of iced orange juice, but it must be outstanding enough. Its sales, price or taste is always worth being called "our shop's characteristics". With star products, your shop will be able to rely on it.

Do you know how to open a cold drink shop now? In fact, no matter how small the business is, we should pay close attention to observation and integrate our intelligence into the operation and management of the store, and the marketing activities can be launched at any time. Remember, opening a shop must not be guarded.