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How to distinguish high, medium and low grade kraft paper

Update:20 Oct 2020

The texture is relatively compact, the thickness is rel […]

The texture is relatively compact, the thickness is relatively uniform, the toughness is good, and it has good compression resistance, tensile resistance, tear resistance, puncture resistance, folding resistance and water resistance. Fewer powder and hair loss. The above are the comprehensive characteristics of all kinds of wood pulp kraft paper.
Widely used in high-end handbags, hand bags, food packaging bags, cartons, cardboards, packaging color boxes, etc. In addition, Russian kraft paper has its unique high temperature resistance, so it is also a good paper for PCB separators in electronics factories.

People's consumption concept is getting higher and higher, so high-grade kraft paper is the material of choice for the downstream paper industry in the future. At present, many well-known brands in the market have been using our imported kraft paper to make handbags and packaging boxes, and customer satisfaction is very high.

Mid-range kraft paper is generally mixed pulp kraft paper.
   Chaofan Commodity Group, a manufacturer of mid-range kraft paper, successfully introduced the new product kraft paper to the market in the shortest time. Suitable for food packaging, product packaging, daily necessities, color boxes, takeaway packaging, etc. are all good choices.

Low-grade kraft paper is generally recycled kraft paper.
  Recycled kraft paper is paper that has been re-pulped into pulp by the manufacturer's recycled waste paper materials and processed into a shape through various processes. In terms of appearance, generally recycled kraft paper has a relatively rough side (the smooth side is to meet the printing needs of some customers), combined with its low price advantage, the application status of recycled paper is developing in a good situation. Having said that, in order to effectively save your purchase cost, it is recommended that you check and try it out after receiving the samples we send, try to choose the right paper, and only buy the right one, not the expensive one.

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