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How to Choose the Right Cup for Your Milk Tea Shop

Update:10 Aug 2019

First of all, the appearance should have its own charac […]

First of all, the appearance should have its own characteristics, beautiful and unique appearance to attract consumers'attention, so that consumers have the desire to buy, but also need to pay attention to the color matching in the cup pattern, reasonable color matching, which can impact consumers' vision, thus promoting consumer consumption; then, the cup material should be selected.

Suitable for the location of milk tea shop, milk tea shop cups are usually made of PP and PET materials, PP materials are suitable for the location of middle and low-end milk tea shop, PET materials from hardness, thickness and texture are slightly higher than PP materials, so suitable for high-end beverage shops; finally, a reasonable division of cup models milk tea shop cups is divided into ML, L, M, S, ML cups are basically 700 millimeters. Lift above; L cup is generally 500 - 600 ml; M is 400 - 450 ml, small cup is rarely used now. The size of the cup can be chosen according to the size of the Schick cup, which is usually 500-700 ml in capacity.