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How to choose the packing box for takeout

Update:29 Nov 2019

Generally, customers will not give positive comments, b […]

Generally, customers will not give positive comments, but they will definitely give negative comments. Like the barrel effect, you can't have a long board, but you can't have a short board. The so-called "no news" is good news. It is not how satisfied the meal is, but how bad the meal is that motivates a takeout person to take the initiative to evaluate the business. Businesses may have a deep understanding of this. If they want to get a five-star high praise from users, they need to write small notes, give discounts, send small dishes and other means to fight for them. On the contrary, it's easy to get a one star comment when there's a problem in a small ring section, and most of the comments are effective comments with pictures and words. On the take out platform, poor reviews can deter users who want to place an order and seriously affect the exposure. For example, one of our takeout businesses selling pancakes and fruits received bad reviews for two consecutive days. Without changing other activities, the number of people who had been exposed to the rising trend suddenly dropped. We have estimated that for a shop with about 50 orders a day, a bad evaluation may cost the shop 50-100 yuan in the next few days. So it's pretty scary to do that.

Due to improper packaging, there are so many bad comments that the proportion of packaging problems in all bad comments may be far beyond our imagination.

There are generally four kinds of problems caused by packaging:

1: the packaging is too simple;

2: the size of the packing box is not right, which shows that the normal quantity of food looks small;

3. Improper packaging leads to soup leakage and scalding of users;

4. The noodle soup is not separated, which leads to the swelling of noodle and seriously affects the taste;

1. Poor packaging
It doesn't mean that businesses must use the most expensive packaging, but also can choose the cost-effective, appropriate.

Chopsticks are very cheap. They cost 1-20 cents per order, but they won't make you have bad comments on them. Compared with a bad comment
For the loss of 50-100 yuan, the cost is still far lower than the cost of poor evaluation.

2. Choose the right size
Generally speaking, the normal quantity of stir fry is about 500ml, but we use a 500ml box to fill it, which is not suitable
The packing is not good. Normally, we recommend a 650ml box, so it will have some space, but not obvious
The score is small.

3. Improper packaging leads to soup leakage and scalding of users
It is very difficult to control the process of pouring the soup into the bowl after the customer receives the take out. Suggest that the bosses themselves
Simulation operation, not because the plastic bag is too soft and does not control the soup, or the plastic bag is too thin and easy to burn. Once but out
Now this kind of accident, customers will be very angry, a bad evaluation is not to run, it is difficult to pacify, the gain is not worth the loss. Merchants can choose
This kind of packing box with a single compartment of the inner tank, because the soup is basically only half a barrel and the air hole is isolated, the probability of sending soup leakage is greatly reduced. each
The cost of the box will increase by 3-50 yuan, which is acceptable to most users.

There are three reasons for soup leakage:
1. The edge of the take out box cover is not fastened. This is mostly because of the operation of the staff. Now the edge of the take out box is generally sealed
2. The takeout box material is not tough. In the process of delivering food, sometimes in order to catch up with the time, the takeout is easy to be bumped and the takeout box
If the material is too brittle, it is easy to crack, or it is easy to crack when the cover is closed, which results in the poor sealing of the takeout and the leakage of soup
Commentary. If this situation is found in the user's comments, you must confirm the packing materials with the customer service when choosing the take out box
It is not easy to be damaged due to its good toughness.
3. Leakage of soup through vent hole. Generally, the packing box for hot food has a vent. It is not suitable for soup to be placed too full. If the soup is placed too full, it is easy to overflow
Soup, you can wrap the bowl with plastic wrap and then cover it.

In this way, the general situation will keep the packaging intact, greatly reducing the overflow of take out soup. However, there is a disadvantage of this method, that is, it is time-consuming, and it is easy to slow down the production speed during the peak time of ordering. You can also consider or this kind of packing box with a buckle for the vent. The cost of a packing box will increase by about 0.2 yuan.

4. The noodle soup is not separated, which causes the noodle to swell and seriously affects the taste.
Powder and flour businesses should pay special attention to! Because rice flour and noodles have water absorption, if they are the same as the food in the hall, they are packed together in the soup. After 10-20 minutes of delivery by the takeout, the basic thing users get is a lump of "mixed flour" or "mixed noodles" full of soup swelling. Many restaurants with good evaluation of hall food have made takeout, which is clearly the same dish, but the improper packaging of takeout leads to too many poor evaluation, which seriously affects the sales volume. So in order to ensure the taste, most businesses now know to share the noodle soup
If you want to save the cost, you can simply put the noodles in a plastic bag or the soup in a plastic bag. As a result, it will lead to poor evaluation.

In fact, a good take out package must have priority in function and safety. Ensure food quality, easy to pack, easy to transport, all based on the reality. Although the cost of a single package is small, but there are many things in it. How to balance the added value of cost performance and brand image, it is necessary for businesses to grasp it according to their own matching customer base.