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How to Choose One off Milk Teacup

Update:30 Sep 2019

Milk tea cups are widely used. In order to do a good jo […]

Milk tea cups are widely used. In order to do a good job of brand promotion, many milk tea shops have chosen customized milk tea cups, which are printed with company LOGO and other information. How about milk tea shops?
Choose disposable milk tea cups?
This problem is very important for every dairy tea shop owner. However, in real life, many dairy tea shop owners do not attach much importance to it. They think that they can choose several disposable teacups at will.

Milk tea cup is used for milk tea without explanation. In real life, bosses will put part of the milk tea out of the counter to meet the needs of buyers. So, milk tea cup's.
Appearance will directly affect the desire of the buyer:
1. The pattern of milk tea cup should be beautiful. The buyer's desire to buy is stimulated by the sight of beautiful patterns.
2. The color of milk tea cup. The color of milk tea and the color of sealing film should be matched reasonably so as to make people feel comfortable. It's just like dressing a person, handsome and beautiful if they wear it.
If the clothes don't fit properly, they will give people a very awkward feeling, not to mention fashion.
However, many bosses do not pay attention to these two points, thinking that as long as milk tea is put in a cup. I hope that the above discussion can help people in need.

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