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How to Buy Safe and Environmental Protection One-time Packaging Box

Update:13 Jul 2019

The advent of disposable packaging boxes has brought gr […]

The advent of disposable packaging boxes has brought great convenience to people's lives. Packing boxes according to national standards can be degraded without polluting the environment. As people's living needs continue to increase, and there are different disposable tableware in the market, what are the differences between these kinds of meals? Which type of use is better? For this reason, the professional tableware manufacturer teaches you several tips when choosing.

When you buy disposable tableware, you need to pay attention to the following points: Disposable tableware also has different grades. You can choose the appropriate tableware according to the catering specifications and the value of the dishes. Second, the choice of tableware color patterns should follow the habits of use and the user's aesthetic habits, but in general, plastic tableware is best not to choose a type that is too complex and diverse, especially those that are sprayed with unhealthy pigments. Third, pay attention to the material of the material to ensure that the plastic of the tableware is a healthy plastic. It is a material that can withstand the high temperature of food. Do not choose an informal plastic tableware that is not legally harmful.