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Grading and Degradation of Plastic Handbag Manufacturers

Update:29 Jun 2019

Plastic handbags are widely used in daily life and busi […]

Plastic handbags are widely used in daily life and business, almost everywhere. With the improvement of living standards and the deepening of the concept of environmental protection, the society's demand for plastic bags is becoming higher and higher.
Manufacturer of plastic handbags This environmentally friendly and biodegradable plastic bag is different from ordinary plastic bags in technology and materials. First, we can divide them into four categories: photodegradable plastics, which can gradually decompose in the sun by adding photosensitizers to plastic bags. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly plastic bags are more likely to be favored and praised by people, which is also the mainstream way of use in the future society, and is also the direction of development of most plastic bag manufacturers. This method of making plastic bags is an early technology, and its application is relatively mature. However, it is difficult to know the decomposition time of plastic bags according to sunshine and climate. Two kinds of biodegradable plastic bags can be automatically removed under the decomposition of microorganisms. This kind of plastic bag is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, especially popular. The third is degradable plastic bags. The addition of water absorbent changed the material of plastic bags. After using, the plastic bags were thrown into water to dissolve. This plastic bag is mainly used in the medical/pharmaceutical industry for disinfection and destruction. Fourthly, the combination of light decomposition and biological decomposition of plastic bags, through the combination of these two plastic bag production technology to produce environmentally friendly plastic bags. It should be said that biodegradable plastic bags and vest bags meet the requirements of environmental protection, but because of the high cost, they do not exceed the use of ordinary plastic bags.
It takes hundreds of years for ordinary plastic handbag products to decompose completely in the natural environment, causing great harm to the environment. Therefore, the development of environmentally friendly plastic bags needs people's strong support, and we should deal with every plastic bag manufacturer more actively.