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Four reasons for the closure of cold drink shops

Update:06 May 2020

With the rapid development of cold drink industry, ther […]

With the rapid development of cold drink industry, there are more and more people opening cold drink shops now, and there are too many cold drink shops on the market. Almost every tens of meters, you can see a cold drink shop, but as long as you pay attention to observation, you can find that although there are many cold drink shops now, there are not many that can exist for a long time. Many cold drink shops will be closed by other brands soon after operation The cold drink shops of have been opened and closed for a long time, and then have been taken over by other cold drink shops to continue to open, forming a dead cycle. There are few cold drink shops that can be opened stably for a long time. What is the reason for these cold drink shops to close down in a short time?

Today, I'll give you an analysis. There are four main reasons for the closure of cold drink shops.

Location problem
In all the processes of opening a cold drink shop, site selection is the most important. If the address is not selected, there will be no passenger flow in the cold drink shop. As long as people who have experience in cold drink shop operation know, opening a cold drink shop with a good address is equal to making money. If the cold drink shop business is not good, the owner should first find problems from the address.
Environmental health problems
With the improvement of people's living standard, people's demand for food consumption is also getting higher. Previously, we just felt that we could eat enough, but with the emergence of various food safety problems and health problems, when people choose to consume, they prefer to eat clean and comfortable. If the environment in the cold drink shop is not good, people will naturally think that this cold drink shop As time goes by, the number of customers in the cold drink shop will increase dramatically, which is also an important factor in the closing of the cold drink shop.

Product issues
Whether a cold drink shop can attract customers' consumption depends on the environment, price and decoration. However, whether a shop can keep customers or not depends on a large number of repeat customers. If the products in your cold drink shop are not distinctive and have a general taste and cannot impress customers, then the customers in the cold drink shop will become fewer and fewer, because the drinks you can eat in your home are If they can eat in other places and taste better in other places, they will naturally go to other people's cold drink shops for consumption.
Service issues
The service attitude can affect the mood of customers. If the service attitude of the staff in the cold drink shop is not good, it will affect the mood of customers. Even if the taste of products in the cold drink shop is good, customers will not enter the shop again for consumption. So Ben Xiong suggested that the manager of the cold drink shop should provide smile service in the cold drink shop. The smile of the staff can make the customers feel cordial, and make the customers more willing to enter the shop for consumption.

Marketing issues
Nowadays, there are so many delicious food. Your family is delicious, others are delicious. If you don't understand marketing and don't do a good job in marketing, then no one knows this store. If you don't know, you won't enter the store for consumption. It is suggested that the cold drink shop often do activities, distribute flyers and enter each group buying platform to increase the exposure of the cold drink shop.
No matter what kind of store, there is a way of operation. I hope that all cold drink owners can master the way of operation and achieve the goal of income generation through the cold drink shop.