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Food cans development trend

Update:29 Jan 2019

form Food cans and beverage cans come in a variety of f […]

Food cans and beverage cans come in a variety of forms and can be selected according to product characteristics. In general, most fruit, vegetable and meat cans can be coated with tinplate cans; light-colored fruits are often made of plain iron cans; for certain foods with special requirements such as mushrooms, asparagus, tomato products, etc., high tin cans can be used or Some paint cans; bonded cans are used to package dry foods; cups are often used in aquatic products and certain meat products; and pull-out cans (DI cans) with easy-open lids are used to package beer and soft drinks. In addition, aluminum tubes and tin tubes are generally used for packaging jams, jellies, fish pastes, meat pastes, and the like.
development trend
Mainly use thinner and lighter materials such as ultra-thin tinplate; reduce the tin plating amount of tin-plated sheets; expand the application of chrome-plated sheets; replace tin-welded cans with resistance welding cans; develop new coatings for metal sheets. In the inner and outer wall coatings of metal cans, the first is the change of empty can manufacturing, such as the rise of deep-drawn cans and electric resistance welding cans, which requires greater improvement in coating formulation, construction and equipment. Second, environmental pollution problems and energy problems are increasingly Attention is paid to the need to innovate traditional solvent-based coatings to further develop new coatings such as high-solids coatings, water-soluble coatings, powder coatings, violet-light curing and electron beam-curing coatings.