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Difference between degradable plastic bag and non degradable plastic bag

Update:17 Aug 2020

1. Different materials Biodegradable plastic bags (i.e. […]

1. Different materials
Biodegradable plastic bags (i.e. environmental protection plastic bags) are made of PLA, PHAs, PBA, PBS and other polymer materials.
The non degradable traditional plastic bag is PE plastic material.

2. Different production standards
Biodegradable plastic bags need to meet the national standard GB / T21661-2008, which has reached the environmental standards. Traditional non degradable plastic bags do not have to comply with this standard.

3. With different decomposition time, degradable plastic bags can decompose within one year, while environmental protection plastic bags can even decompose 72 days after abandonment. Non degradable plastic bags take 200 years to degrade.

Non degradable plastic bags are harmful to the environment
1. If the non degradable plastic bags are buried in the ground, it will take about 200 years to rot, which will have adverse effects on the pH value of the soil and worsen the soil environment. If livestock eat the plastic film, it will cause digestive tract diseases and even death.
2. Non degradable plastic bags pose a threat to the survival of animals. Disposable plastic bags abandoned on land and in the sea are swallowed by animals as food, leading to animal death.

Degradable plastic is a kind of material which is made of plant straw, which is friendly to human body and environment. It is different from the three synthetic plastics. It can decompose by itself under the action of biological environment after being discarded. It is harmless to human and environment, and belongs to green packaging
Degradable plastic bag is a disposable shopping bag which can be degraded and easily degraded. Degradable plastic bags can be divided into two types according to different raw materials and decomposition factors

One is a kind of plastic bag mainly made of polyethylene plastic mixed with starch and other biodegradable agents, also known as biodegradable plastic bag. This kind of plastic bag is mainly decomposed by microorganism.
The other is a kind of plastic bag, which is mainly made of polyethylene plastic, mixed with photodegradant and mineral powder such as calcium carbonate, which is also called photodegradation plastic bag. This kind of plastic bag decomposes under the action of sunlight.