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Convenient and convenient use of environmental protection plastic bags

Update:21 Jun 2019

Plastic bags are ubiquitous in our life. There are valu […]

Plastic bags are ubiquitous in our life. There are values and reasons for their existence. Plastic bags in transport can avoid product loss, but also effectively protect the product, easy to use, vacuum plastic bags can make food and air isolated, ensure the shelf life of food products. What are the advantages of plastic bags?
Plastic bags 1. Vacuum plastic bags commonly used in food packaging profession can be used to isolate oxygen, avoid food decay and deterioration, effectively extend its shelf life, and prevent the invasion and reproduction of bacteria, to ensure food safety and hygiene.
2. The moisture-proof, barrier and processing moulding of plastic bags are all quite sudden, and the cost is relatively low.
3. In the process of storage and transportation of products, plastic bags can be used to avoid leakage, scattering, loss, shortening and discoloration of products.
4. Compared with traditional plastic bags such as metal, ceramics and glass, the portability of plastic bags is incomparable with other materials.