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Composite film bag

Update:18 Feb 2019

Composite film bag: made by laminating different kinds […]

Composite film bag: made by laminating different kinds of plastic film or plastic film with paper, aluminum foil, etc. According to the application and requirements, it can be made into two layers, three layers or multiple layers of composite film bags. Film bags such as polyethylene-polyester, cellophane-polyvinylidene chloride, polyethylene-paper, polyester-aluminum foil-polyolefin, polyethylene-aluminum foil-paper-polyethylene-polyamide.

It is usually processed by hot lamination, plastic coating, bonding, co-extrusion, etc., and a special adhesive is required between the layers. One of the typical representatives of composite film bags is a retort pouch for high temperature sterilization. It has excellent insulation, can preserve food for a long time without deterioration, and is known as soft can.

The composite used was based on a polyester-aluminum foil-polyolefin. The composite film bag can also be applied to the aseptic packaging process, and the composite material can smoothly realize the fully automatic line production process of container molding, food filling and sealing. Recently, the in-box bag and the bag-in-box are the first aseptic packaging containers developed in the UK for the packaging of liquid and pasty foods such as alcohol, juice and tomato sauce. The bag is made of a composite film of plastic and aluminum foil with a volume of 5, 20, 200, 220, 1000 liters. After filling under aseptic conditions, put it into a corrugated box (5-200 liter bag) or a wooden box (1000 liter bag), which is called a bag in the box; if it is placed in an iron drum (220 liters), it is called The bag is in the bag. Its common feature is that it is easy to store and transport.