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An important direction for the development of material containers

Update:25 Feb 2019

3 Plastic containers, cups, trays and other plastic con […]

3 Plastic containers, cups, trays and other plastic containers made of single layer or composite material by blow molding, vacuuming, extrusion, injection and other molding methods: suitable for packaging of various beverages, fast foods and frozen foods. For example, polyester bottles, polyvinyl chloride bottles and polypropylene bottles for beverages have the characteristics of being transparent, beautiful, light and strong; the polypropylene disk used for fast food has the characteristics of heat-resistant sterilization temperature, and can hold jam and fruit. It is heat-sterilized with vegetable foods; polyolefin plastic cups are widely used for the packaging of frozen foods.
Due to the development of the plastics industry, the emergence of various types of films and composite materials, as well as the plastic itself has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, light weight, low price, etc., plus new packaging technology and packaging machinery such as vacuum packaging, pneumatic packaging, deoxidizing packaging, aseptic packaging, etc. The emergence of plastic packaging has rapidly developed, occupying part of the market for metal and glass containers. The proportion of plastic containers in the entire food packaging material is increasing year by year. Currently, composite plastic sheets having a thickness of about 0.2 mm have been available. It is easy to punch and can be double-sealed and canned like a thin metal sheet. It is a promising new material. Continued research and development of new plastic containers for aseptic packaging, high temperature sterilization and microwave heating is an important direction for the development of plastic containers.